About us, the team & philosophy

When we founded Pollen we set out to partner with visionary founders, portfolio CEOs and investors to create successful companies.

Our fractional team members strive for excellence and show ethics and humility in our interactions with founders, investors and with each other.

We work with startups with the potential to grow into enduring companies that challenge and reshape consumers and industries. In doing so we are always at the forefront of new technologies, marketing methodologies and product innovation.

Today we focus on emerging lifestyle brands and SaaS innovators. The insights we have gained over the years have given us an “eye” for spotting companies that are set to become market or category leaders.

Luke Chitty

Growth Strategist & Co-Founder

A growth marketeer with 12 years experience, Luke focuses on strategy and channel management for early stage B2C & E-commerce businesses. He is the founder of three businesses including Pollen.

Sophia Ahrel

Portfolio CMO & Co-Founder

Sophia is a co-founder of Pollen and has worked with and supported over 100 high growth inspiring tech startups and brands in London, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm & Amsterdam.

Tom Martin

App & Growth Marketing Specialist

Tom is a data-driven programmatic,  web and app marketing specialist with a background in scaling travel, gambling, lifestyle and tech businesses globally.

Joshua Wait

Technology Lead

A creative product and process designer, and detail orientated engineer Josh bridges the gap between commercial project management, process design and stakeholder success.

Jo Siantonas

Brand & Motion Designer

With a career spanning De Gournay, TopShop and Selfridges, Jo now obsesses over defining and developing engaging, purposeful and elegant brands for clients.

Dom Davenport

Associate Partner

The founder of several successful businesses within the creative sector, Dom extends a deep understanding of brand development, marketing, leadership and culture.