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Sleepwave: Boosting App Downloads and User Engagement

The team at Sleepwave had been developing revolutionary motion-sensing smart alarm and sleep-tracking app for a couple of years when we met in December 2021 - our objective was to develop and deliver a global multi-channel go-to-market strategy with a planned launch date of March 2022.


  • Exceeding 250k app downloads in 9 months
  • Achieving 3x industry benchmark retention rates
  • Expanding the campaigns globally

The main goal of this case study is to showcase how our expertise helped Sleepwave to achieve over 250,000 downloads and high user retention in the first 9 months across both Android and iOS versions of the app.


The origins of Sleepwave began in 2019 when their founder Jules Goldberg started researching sonar technology to track sleep for his first app SnoreLab. The team made some breakthrough discoveries leading to the patent-pending motion-sensing technology that powers Sleepwave.

With the development of this unique and innovative health and wellness app almost complete at the end of 2021, the team at Sleepwave approached us to support the launch and growth of the app across both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


Our approach began with the development of a go-to-market strategy. We reviewed all digital marketing channels and presented a phased delivery plan including test and learn frameworks to ensure ongoing optimisations. We utilised various channels and platforms including TikTok, Meta, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads, Google, Youtube, Influencers and more. Additionally, we support the ongoing website optimization, content and SEO strategy. 

The campaign was initially run across all English-speaking nations including the UK and US, but has more recently expanded globally.


The results of the campaign continue to impress and Sleepwave has so far achieved over 250,000 downloads across Android and iOS. The in-app user retention is 3x the industry average and customer ratings are 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Testimonials from key stakeholders at Sleepwave were overwhelmingly positive. The Marketing & Communications Manager of Sleepwave, Erin Anderson stated, "The team have been incredible to work with since launching our app earlier this year. They've been instrumental in helping us grow our brand and attract users across a number of channels. With their expertise and creativity, we've had a number of successful paid user acquisition campaigns. I would thoroughly recommend their services!"


In conclusion, our expertise within digital and global app marketing has enabled Sleepwave to launch and sustainably grow its user base on a global scale. Achieving very low cost per acquisitions (as low as £1 per download), and user engagement well above industry benchmarks. The key takeaways from this case study are the importance of taking time to develop a comprehensive strategy and tech stack before launching. Also to deliver multi-channel campaigns within an ongoing testing framework in order to achieve ongoing optimisations and learnings.

As a next step, we continue to work with Sleepwave to explore new opportunities and continue to drive growth for the company.